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Untamed by Anna Cowan

It is a cliché to say that a book is so good, that you can help but want to read it again immediately yet I rarely feel that way, I read constantly, compulsively. I finish a book, and start the next one with the next breath. When a book is amazing, I might pause for a bit, sit and think about how I felt reading it. Anna Cowan's Untamed, made me pause not just at end but as I read, as I tried to understand her Duke, and Kit. As I tried to unravel these bound up individuals. The tension was such that I had to jump to last chapter and read the Happily-ever-after, and I didn't understand it. I often end up jumping to end of a book to judge whether I want to finish a book, to check if there is something worth reading for. But in Untamed the ending was something I just couldn't see yet, and it drove me harder into the book, to see how they could have possibly ended there.

And when I got there I had to go right back to the beginning, to see it all again with eyes that could now see more.

Lyrical, dark, twisted, beautiful. Thank you Anna.

Come see a rake turned inside out, the hero's journey inverted, and gender roles blown up!

Book provided by the Publisher via Netgalley for review purposes