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Driving Her Wild is Meg Maguire's third book set at the Wilinski's Fight Academy a MMA training gym  in Boston for Harlequin's Blaze line. 

In this book, Stephanie Healy recently retired from the fighting circuit has come to Wilisnski's Fight Academy as their new jujitsu trainer.

 After years on the road and sick of short-term relationships Steph is looking for man who is marriage material.  She wants a man different from the men she had dated all her life. She wants someone sophisticated, successful and certainly no one like Patrick Doherty, a divorced debt-ridden carpenter making ends meet as non-quite competent electrician, who is too earnest, clueless and Irish for Steph.

What I liked about this book:

In this series all the men have struggled with their working class identities and whether they are good enough for their love interests. They have only a  little money in their bank accounts, taken two many blows physical and metaphysical  but they have big dreams. I love that this equally true of Stephanie and Patrick in this book.

 I loved watching Steph struggle with her inadvisable attraction to Patrick, and Patrick enthusiastic admiration of her. I loved how Steph's brothers and father immediately loved Patrick much to Steph's frustration. And I enjoyed checking in with Jenna, Mercer, Lindsay and Rich from the previous books, Making Him Sweat and   Taking Him Down without them taking over the book.

This is not angsty book, Steph and Patrick are good people, a little down on their luck, the obstacles they face are not life-threatening, but the emotions, tenderness and frustration they feel are genuine.

I normally would have never picked up a bo0k series set in MMA gym. I haven't seen a MMA fight in my life, but when I realized that Meg Maguire is Cara McKenna, writer of some my favorite recent reads: "Unbound" and before that "After Hours"  I took the chance and enjoyed these lighter, less angsty but not less emotional reads.


Publication date October 22, 2013 Digital ARC provided for free by publisher via NetGalley.

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