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November 2013

Glitterland by Alexis Hall

Glitterland was an engrossing, funny and emotional book. Ash Winters is a wreck. A Bipolar self-loathing anti-social snobby writer dragged to a stag party for a old friend at a Gay club in Brighton. In the VIP section, he is drinking too much, having uncomfortable conversations, and avoiding his friends when he catches sight of Darian a "glitter pirate" of a man, dancing below. Darian's shininess attracts and repulses Ash.

Hall is unflinching, he lets Ash be selfish, to use Darian to make himself feel good while at the same time hating himself for it. Darian is an uneducated, fake-tanned, over-gelled, glittering caricature. As a reader it was so easy to dismiss him, roll-your-eyes at him along with Ash and fail to see him as a real person, worthy of love and respect, so when Ash is an ass, I couldn't help but feel the guilt too.

This is my first M/M romance. I have read about them, heard about them but outside some M/M secondary storylines in Lauren Dane's Brown Family books and Anna Cowan's Untamed, I hadn't previously read any M/M. So if for some reason you hesitated it pick up a M/M title, simply because you never read one before I don't think you can pick a better book. Once you finish Glitterland, pick up the free epilogue, Glitterland Aftermath, over at RipTide.