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Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry


Maggie has been taking care of herself for a long time ever since her mother's cancer diagnosis when she was 12.  And she has taken very good care of herself. She has built a wonderful life for herself. She has her own business, great friends, and a cozy home.  What Maggie doesn't have, what she has never had is orgasms.  Not one, not one during sex, not on her own and she has had enough, enough of faking orgasms, of nodding along when her friends share stories, she is ready to do something drastic.  When Maggie's friend Cleo gushes with full filthy details about the incredibly hot and skilled tattoo artist, she just had a mind-blowing sex with Maggie can't stop thinking about him.  Maybe he would be different than all her other lovers, and if he isn't then she needs to stop trying to do this by herself and seek medical help.  Before she can think better of her idea she calls up Brother's Ink and makes an appointment for tattoo and hopefully something more.

Rafael has worked very hard for everything he has, maybe too hard.  At thirty-one, with his brother he shares a successful company, a healthy investment portfolio and good friends. What he no longer has in life is a woman to share it with. For six years he shared it with Lena, till she decided it wasn't enough and she need to see what the world had to offer. 

"He hadn't chosen to remember those moments, though. Not over the last twelve months. He'd been fixating instead on the early months and years of their relationship. Remembering the good times, blocking out the bad. A very specific form of self-torture"

Into his life walks Maggie, who is nothing like Lena, and for the first time in a year his mind is preoccupied with not with past but with today and whether he might or should see Maggie again.

I really loved this book, enjoyed reading it, even though I could hardly sit still and read through the first three chapters. I tend to hyper-identify with people who are in the process of embarrassing themselves.  Whether it is in fiction or real life, I can't stand to watch, and for the first three chapters as I got to know Maggie, the dread started to build, I saw the impending mortification and I kept having to put the book down and walk away, but I kept coming back because I needed to know how it was going to turn out. 

"Humiliation came in many flavors and colors, Maggie discovered over the next twenty-four hours"

Maggie ends up not just risking embarrassment, she ends up risking her heart.  She risks her heart getting involved with a man that admits that he might still be half-in-love with his ex-girlfriend.  She lets herself lose control of her emotions and her hopes and let someone else take care of her for a change.

"The first time in years that anyone had offered to look after her. To shoulder her burdens, even if just for a few hours or days. Even in such a small, apparently insignificant way"

She lets herself start trusting her happiness, but won’t be enough. Maggie will have to do more.

What I loved:

  • Mayberry does a wonderful job building tension and anxiety throughout the whole book because she develops characters worth caring about.  
  • Her characters are conflicted and complex, people misinterpret each other, blurt things out, and get really cranky and take it out on the wrong people and I never felt for a moment that the conflicts were in anyway fabricated.
  • I loved that both h/h have people who love and care about them in their real life, who notice when things are not okay, and ask about it.

Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry: 5 out 5 stars

 A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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