Lay it Down by Cara McKenna
Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

A Lesson in Temptation by Audra North

Download (2)The novella "A Lesson in Temptation",  is the fourth story in the Stanton Family series. I read and enjoyed two of the previous stories but found this one to be more fun that the first two.

Adam Harkness’s unshakable drive and insane work-ethic has landed him a coveted tenure-track position as Finance professor at Columbia. While a professorship gives him some measure of security, he is not about to let up and risk losing it all.  Feeling the pressure to finish his book, he doesn’t want to slack off even for a night, but find himself under an obligation to attend a dance-class gifted to him by his colleague and mentor Naomi. Stressed and tense he walks into class and spots a familiar face across the room.

Ever since she put her horrible high school years behind her, Julie Stanton has been determined to make sure she enjoys living life, making the effort to make time for fun and play despite her demanding career. Feeling her work-life balance has dangerous skewed toward too-much work, she has signed up for a Tango class as treat/commitment to herself to get out and enjoy life.

Julie and Adam are both thrilled and mortified when they run into each other at class because a few years before Adam had been a TA for one of Julie's classes, and  while they had both felt sparks , neither acted on them.  Now, years later, they find themselves  attempting to learn the most seductive of dances, while hiding their attraction. Despite his fears and reservations Julie entices Adam to embark on fling that will affect their lives in ways  they both underestimate.

 I thought this novella with incredibly funny with great banter, and even slapstick, but with a real sweet core. Adam is incredibly risk averse and shies away from his feelings from Julie, while at the same time failing to see the seriousness of her feelings or value what she brings to his life. There is great groveling and the resolution was sweet and perfect.  

A review copy of "A Lesson in Temptation" was provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley.

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