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Christmas Eve: A Love Story by Molly O'Keefe

Sometime in late May, Molly O'Keefe sent me a copy of the Sweet Talk Boxed Set  (still available for only $2.99) she was participating in.  I immediately jumped to the back to read O'Keefe's story. I meant to go back and read the rest of the novels included in this charity boxed set (proceeds from the set go to the Diabetes Research Institute via Brenda Novak‚Äôs Online Auction for Diabetes Research), because a lot of the names were familiar but I got sidetracked reading other more ARCs and I am sorry about that because I still haven't had time to go back and read the rest. So I'm just going to give up and review the one story I read because it was really great.

Christmas Eve: A Love Story by Molly O'Keefe

Trina and Dean have known each other all their lives.  When they were younger their parents were friends, and they were always in each other's houses but over the years their parents' friendship fractured painfully and dramatically.  Dean and Trina's story is told through a series of Christmas Eve encounters over a 12 year period, where they circle around each other as they grow into adults, leave home & come back ,all while trying to negotiate their broken relationships with their parents. Theirs is a story of growing up & owning up. The difficult and painful pairing of repentance and forgiveness is at the heart of their love story. 

I loved seeing Trina and Dean grown up, grow apart and then find their way back to each other again.  O'Keefe deals frankly with the frustrating and difficult work of dealing with parents who have hurt and disappointed.  The way Trina and Dean come together, fall apart and come back together was beautiful and believable.  I will definitely be revisiting this story when the Christmas holidays roll around again. 



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