Christmas Eve: A Love Story by Molly O'Keefe
The Dark Space by Mary Ann Rivers & Ruthie Knox

The Lady Taken, part 1 by Vivienne Thorne

Lady Killane is a widowed countess. Since her husband's death she has concentrated on two things, building up her wealth through shrewed investments in factories and pursuing pleasure. She is on her way to a scandalous house party with her soon to be ex-lover when a group of highwaymen stop her carriage. 

Wolf, the lead highway man, is tall, dark and powerful. He is intrigued by Lady Killane, enjoying her witty, cutting banter and her efforts to shock him rather than cower. Not satisfied with the jewelry and petty cash they found in the carriage,  Wolf and his men take Lady Killane hostage. He is happy to enjoy Lady Killane's attentions while he waits to see if someone will pay ransom for her.

It was an intriguing introduction.  I liked the heroine because she seemed like a female version of classic romance Rake, wealthy, jaded & sexually experienced. Like most Rakes, she has a dark past. Her late wealthy older husband saved her from exploitative family members but now she must make her own way in the world without his protection. She is fiercely protective of her financial independence and sensitive to any man's efforts to exploit her financially.

Told exclusively from Lady Killane's POV, Wolf's motivations and his intentions toward Lady Killane beyond sexual interest are obscure.

I have only read the 1st of the 5 planned installments I don't feel like I have enough of the story to judge it fully, only its promise. It was an enjoyable read with potential.  If you are looking for the adventures of Victorian female industrialist and the man who captured her each installment of The Lady Taken  is currently priced at .99 cents. 

I received a review copy of The Lady Taken Part 1 from the author, Vivienne Thorne.

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