#TBRCHALLENGE Review: Say Yes to the Marquess (Castles Ever After book 2) by Tessa Dare
Anything but Broken by Joelle Knox

New Gig

A couple of months ago I responded to twitter open-call for women of color reviewers by RT magazine. I was asked to send in a sample review in the concise RT style which was received enthusiastically. I was invited to join their reviewer list.  Starting in October, I will be reviewing at least one book a month for them, under the name Ana Coqui. I still expect to keep up with my regular reviewing schedule here.

Although I have been reviewing regularly for almost two years this a new & challenging experience. For this blog I only review what I feel like reviewing.  Most of the time I review ARCs that I have specifically requested, and I have full control about what I choose to read or choose to DNF. With RT, a monthly email goes out to all their reviewers with a list of books titles, author and sub-genre headings, and it is a first-come first serve request free-for-all.  I can request as many or as little as I want but by requesting I am committing to reading that book whether I end up hating it or not. Additionally I have agreed to read at least one assigned book for one of the sub-editors.

These two months of reviewing for RT has been a real learning experience. Knowing I have between 150-200 words to summarize and express an opinion on a book is a real adjustment as my usual reviews stretch to 900 words or so.  I have also had to stretch as reader, reading books that I might usually overlook or skip all together.

So look for me in RT starting in October, 

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