RT Review Round-up December
Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt (Maiden Lane #1)

Broken Resolutions by Olivia Dade

51z+yqhGJUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Penny Callahan has excellent plans for New Year's Eve. She is planning on enjoying a delicious burger and fries in her PJ's alone on her couch. However she has to abandon those plans at the urging of her insistent co-worker Angie who needs her to take over running the Library's first-ever New Year's Singles Night event.  

Jack Williamson is a reclusive writer who since his divorce prefers quiet nights at home with his daughter above most everything else. His daughter, however is spending New Year's with his ex and his widowed mother has recruited him to drive her to the library for their Singles event only to discover she has bought him a ticket to attend too.  Grumpy but resigned Jack just hopes he can make it through the night without anyone recognizing him.

This was a fun little novella, breezy and sexy. I really enjoyed Dade's humor and writing style in general and that carried me through the romance progressing much faster pace than I generally like.  Jack is clearly afflicted with Insta-lust as he moves from intrigued attraction to determined passion in just one night.  Penny's attack of lust was a bit too sudden, but I enjoyed her sneakiness nonetheless.  Penny's downtrodden self-image grates at points, but her wariness and hurt at Jack's deception is only natural after the awful year she has had.  The resolution to their conflict was very sweet.

As a librarian I am always a little bit sensitive to the depiction of shy librarians but Dade who used to work at a Library, does a great job with it. I am very intrigued by Angie, Penny's outrageous and boundary-pushing co-librarian, who runs afoul of the Library administration. I am eager to read her book.

Disclosures:  Olivia Dade is good friend. Olivia and I met through Twitter.  After getting together at RWA, Olivia asked to me beta read a couple of her upcoming novels, which I greatly enjoyed reading.

Kensington Lyrical provided a review copy but I also bought my own.


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