Wolf's Ascension by Lauren Dane
Beyond Ruin by Kit Rocha

TBR Challenge review: Under His Kilt by Melissa Blue

For the second month in a row I read a TBR challenge book but not one that conformed to the month's theme.  The theme this month was series catch-up and my book is a better fit for last month's theme of "We love short shorts".

Under His Kilt is a delightful workplace romance, with playful banter and a sweet resolution.

 Jocelyn Pearson is a month away from her 30th birthday and has a long list of things she want to do before she does. Number one on her list is being bold enough to stop pining away from her handsome temporary co-worker, Ian Baird and get a peek under his purely metaphorical kilt.

Ian Baird is a rolling stone, traveling around the world for his career hasn't giving him an opportunity to build any lasting relationships and he sees no reason to change.  Jocelyn, however is super tempting.

Before long Ian and Jocelyn are getting physical together and struggling to figure out just how emotionally attached they can let themselves become as they are both too aware of the end date for Ian's work assignment. I love how deeply in denial both of them are about how their relationship has moved beyond the physical. I will definitely try more books by Melissa Blue.



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