RWA RITA Review Round-up 2017
Indiscreet by Mary Balogh (Horsemen Trilogy Book 1)

#RombkLove Challenge

Several times this year I have participated in knitting-related Instagram challenges. Organizers post a list of prompts and those participating post pictures or collages that respond to the prompt.  Participating in these fun, joy-sharing challenges has lightened my mood, connected me to new people and let me get to know others better.

I love the romance twitter,  I love hearing about people's new favorite books, or the romance that got them hooked and I think everyone could use some book-related joy right now. So I asked on twitter if anyone knew of a romance related challenge. 

 It seems that it has been done at least a couple of times before either on IG or as a blogging challenge but there was plenty of interest in doing a twitter one.   My vision is for a multi-platform challenge.  People can respond to the prompt in whatever way they would like, with a tweet, a blog/tumblr post or photo as long as they tagged and shared it on twitter.  I looked around and it seems that #RombkLove hasn't had many posts, so I am going to use it for this challenge.

I would love to get it going on May 1st.  That means coming up with 31 different prompts.  

Here are some that have been suggested so far.  I would love additional suggestions, so we have lots to choose from.


  • Favorite cover
  • Auto-buy authors
  • Favorite sub-genre
  • Favorite hero
  • Favorite heroine
  • Best grovel
  • Favorite line
  • Most romantic moment
  • Sexiest dialogue
  • Favorite character archetype
  • Favorite Trope
  • Favorite Setting/time period
  • First Romance
  • Most Read
  • Thought I would hate it but...
  • Favorite romance related non-book item (swag, bookmarks, shirts, etc.)



I've received a ton of suggestions in the comments and through Twitter, so here are some of the ones that have been shared with me:

  • Bicker & Banter
  • Meet Cute
  • Insert Trope here 
  • Favorite Duke
  • Favorite Non-Aristocrat
  • Favorite Secondary Characters
  • Favorite Series or Family
  • Novel with Romantic Elements 
  • Gateway Romance
  • Book you always recommend 
  • Diverse Author
  • Favorite Occupation
  • Favorite Adaptation
  • Best Friendship group/posse/buddies
  • Romance Icons
  • Favorite Pet
  • Favorite Novella/Old-school Rom/Category etc.
  • Best Role reversal
  • First Kiss
  • Favorite Romland memory 
  • Underappreciated Author


One thing that has come up a couple of times is the suggestion to open the prompts up to interpretation, so they aren't always best or favorite.  I really don't want to add negativity but on reflection it is a good idea to make the prompts broad enough that people feel free to respond as they feel moved to.

I also want to make the prompts as inclusive as possible, so I'll be reworking them to make sure they are broadly applicable to all kinds of romances.


Do you have a suggestion for a prompt?  Post a comment or send me a tweet.

And if you are excited about participating please check back here or on twitter before May 1st! 




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