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What are you favorite tropes or the ones you can't stand? Are there tropes you will only read in the hands of favorite author or tropes that you can't resist in any form?

I love a lot of tropes but my favorites are Fake Relationship, Friends-to-Lovers & Enemies-to-Lovers, and Awkward Morning-afters. Give me a variation of any of these tropes and I always at least read through the whole blurb.

HelenKay Dimon's Guarding Mr. Fine is one my favorite Awkward Morning-Afters books.  Seth and Rick have extremely hot one-night stand in night club and then discover the next day that Seth is Rick's new bodyguard.  Lots of suspenseful spy-action happens, including super competent men being bad at feelings (another fave trope) but it is all driven from the initial conflict. The tension it introduces to their working relationship and the lack of perspective they develop for each other all comes from that initial encounter and it is delicious. 

Marriage of Convenience despite it very close relationship to one of my favorite tropes, Fake Relationship is one of the tropes I struggle with the most.  However there are exceptions to everything.

One of my early romance faves is Mary Balogh Slightly Married.  I have just finished re-reading it and I am still re-listening to it and as I did I realized why it worked for me when I struggle with so many MoC's. While I ignore MoCs only works for me when the stakes are even, and not when the hero can simply dump the inconvenient wife off in the country estate and potentially take up with or return to his former lover or mistress. Aiden gives up just as much or possibly even more than Eve in agreeing to the marriage.  They are both so driven by responsibility, so they take their marriage seriously even if they didn't don't expect the other to do so. They find in each other things they thought they lost for ever long before they gave up the last of their dreams to marry.

I also really struggle with secret baby books, but Carolyn Crane's Into the Shadows (Associates #3) is a secret baby that I could completely understand. Nadia and Thorne are both in terrible places when the baby comes along, and Nadia is completely sensible to believe that huge, unstable gang member would not be a good father and having him to know about the baby could be a huge dangerous mistake.  How it all plays out when he learns about her child is fantastically emotional and I was riveted.

What tropes always attract you? What books have worked for you despite you usually hating a trope? 

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