#RomBkLove Day 16: Dark Moments
#RomBkLove Day 18: Not a Duke in sight!

#RomBkLove Day 17: Dukes, Dukes & Dutcheses


 Ridiculously over-represented in Romance, Who out Dukes them all? 

My favorite Duke is Mary Balogh's Wulfric Bedwyn, from the Bedwyn Saga/Slightly Series.  Balogh builds him up as character over a half-dozen books before pairing him with a very unsuitable wife.  He is all superiority and quiet menace, raising his damnable quizzing glass to note anything not quite proper. Yet although his siblings occasionally see him as a villain, he is in his own overbearing way always there for his siblings when they need him, even if they don't know it.  Held apart from them for early adolescence, he only has duty to warm him.  

When I first read Slightly Dangerous, I didn't love it. Wulf had become such a beloved character, that I had a hard time connecting with Christine, who turns him away as much as she can. How could she be the right woman if she doesn't see how awesome he secretly is, I though unfairly.  In the end Christine does see him clearly, more clearly than he sees himself, and wants him, not for being a duke but despite it.

So who is the best/fave/ worst Duke or Duchess in all of Romancelandia?   And Don't forget tomorrow, there won't be a Duke in sight. 

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