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#RomBkLove Day 22: Adaptation Movies, mini-series, games, etc., when loves leaps off the page do you follow?

Mid-Nineties Jane Austen movie and TV adaptations, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice were romance gateways for me. I was inspired to read the books after they introduced me to Austen's work.

My favorite romance-adaptations now are two games.  The first is Regency Love, a iOS app that allows you to play act being a Regency miss, figuring out relationships with friends, townspeople and romancing a variety of  local gentlemen.  All the familiar Regency types are represented and there are multiple scenarios to play out,  so you can play it many times to acquire all sort of achievements. I found it delightful and addictive and I am sorry there have been no further updates.

My second favorite adaptation is Regency Solitaire. By playing the game and advancing through the levels you can unlock little episodes in the life of a young Miss whose matrimonial aspirations are being threatened by her brother's spend-thrift ways. The Solitaire levels were entertaining and the romance interludes fun.

What romance adaptations do you recommend and love?

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