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#RomBkLove Day 23: Romancelandia

#RomBkLove Day 23: Romancelandia: From Meet-ups to Kerfuffles, friendships & debate What does it mean to you?

Like anything there are as many experiences of Romancelandia as there are people in it. My sense of Romancelandia is that it is always both bigger and smaller than I think, with people inter-connected in sometimes surprising ways. I know I inhabit a small corner of it, and most days it is a great place to be.  I am incredibly thankful for all the fellow readers, bloggers and authors I have met on twitter, whose thoughtful passion for Romance has introduce me to so many great books and authors. This month, like every month I am incredibly thankful for the conversations, from critical to squee, that help me expand my vision of Romance. 

Twitter is strange place sometimes, Both immediate and remote. But I have made friends on twitter. I listen, I learn and I make connections through it. Despite its flaws, it has made my reading and real life richer.  

So my  favorite part of Romancelandia is when I get a chance to connect with a twitter friend in real life

RWA in 2015 was fantastic. I met so many other readers, bloggers, and of course writers whose books I adore, it frankly overwhelming at times but so much fun. I completely understand why some make it a priority to go every year. That year, I arranged to meet up with Elisabeth Lane at RWA.  Elisabeth was my con buddy, that familiar person in the crowd. We weren't attached at the hip (and we had each brought our spouses),but we connected frequently throughout our time at the con, it was a pleasure to just to be free to chat in person.  Since then I've started making the effort to meet up with other readers when I can (meeting Kay of MBRR in Montreal  or having dinner with Lawless while in NYC last year) because these twitter relationships do matter to me a lot. 

So tell me about your corner of Romancelandia and what it brings to you...

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