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#RomBkLove Day 24: Careers, Jobs & Work

#RomBkLove Day 24: Careers, Jobs & Work: The romance can be all in a day's work in some novels.  What vocations or jobs do you love reading about? Which ones do you avoid? Why?

I love reading books where the MCs have passions and careers outside of their love interests. I love it when MC's have to figure out a way to balance their ambitions and their love lives, and better yet when the romantic partners are one that respect and boost the other in their ambitions.  I do struggle however with books that depict certain kinds of stressful work environments, harassment, or abuse in particular is not something I deal with well. 

Julie James, Emma Barry, Joanna Bourne, Tamsen Parker, Laura Florand, KJ Charles, Amber Belldene and Lauren Dane tend to hit these work-life buttons for me. The MCs in these books, tend to feel passionately about their chosen vocations. Their lives might be complicated by their careers, and those careers aren't always glamorous but they are theirs.

Two books that I read recently that hit all my romance & career buttons were,

Tamsen Parker's Due South

"the sexiest book you will ever read about two people working crazy hours to rewrite a presentation on municipal bonds."

and KJ Charles's upcoming An Unnatural Vice, which I reviewed for RT 

"opposing vocations and radically different backgrounds create a powerful and fascinating conflict."


Both these books had strong romantic conflicts that were complicated by the MC's vocations and how that touch every other part of their lives. Both authors handled the conflicts in surprising and satisfying ways.

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