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#RomBkLove Day 10: Pets

#RomBkLove Day 9: Category Romance


Category Romance, especially Harlequin Presents are probably the most distinctive and recognizable kinds of romances for non-romance readers because of their consistent and prominent branding. I'm incredibly thankful to SuperWendy for her write ups on Category Romance, especially, "Category Romance: More Than Cute Little Books with Dreadful Titles"  which was written for  people like me, who blundered into romance through single-title and just had no idea what to make of Category Rom.

Over the years I have picked up Molly O'Keefe's and Sarah Mayberry's Super Romances , Cara McKenna's Blazes and HelenKay Dimon's Intrigues because I fell for their later work. I respect their place in our genre even if they aren't my usual fare.

If you are a Category reader, what drew you in? What keeps you coming back? What do they do best?

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