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The Return of #RomBkLove. Week #1:

May 2017, Recent Reads: The Enforcer by Dimon,

51rYOor275LThe Enforcer (Games People Play #2) HelenKay Dimon:  The Enforcer plays with a lot of similar tropes and themes as The Fixer. The male protagonists are quite similar. Like Wren, Matthias is also a gruff, secretive and awkward around people. Trust, truth and family history play a big part in the conflict. The common elements don't feel repetitive, simply familiar and comfortable. These books hit my sweet spot of fun, sexy and suspenseful and I had a hard time putting it down to get other stuff done this week.

512NoQCF4SLIn His Hands  (Blank Canvas #3) by Adriana Anders (Aug 2017):  This book was not the book I was expecting. While it once again features protagonists on the run from violence (abusive fiancee in the 1st book and revenge seeking bikers in the 2nd book), I was wasn't expecting a spiritually and physically abused escapee from a apocalyptic cult.  It took me a long while to settle into understanding both the protagonists and while I ended up liking them both I don't think the chemistry and romance really ripened, but instead felt rushed and cluttered. (ARC provided by publisher)

51GwK5l3VDLSave the Date by Annabeth Albert and Wendy Qualls  Fun opposites attract/one-night stand romance.  I smiled a lot while reading this. These tropes really work for me, and the writing was smart and fun with great characterization. Although their romance progresses quite quickly it felt genuine and believable as they were both open life-changing love. I am already Albert fan, but I will be giving Wendy Qualls a try again in the future. 51At-pLns8L

Knit One, Girl Two: a sweet Jewish f/f by Shira Glassman Very much a falling into like story rather than a full-blown romance, this novella was sweet in both senses of the word. The hesitant flirtation, the enthusiastic bonding over shared fandom, collaboration and undeniable affection were delightfully rendered, but I was left wanting more from its HFN ending, because there was very little conflict at all. However I would love to read about them again as they were adorable and as a fan of indie dyed yarns and knitting everything about that storyline felt right. I think this story is perfect for my queer teen daughter, as I think she would see herself in these characters and adore the low-conflict storyline. (This is  the next #NotaBC pick, and we will be discussing it June 11th).

51+d3vTatbLAllegiance of Honor (A Psy-Changeling novel) by Nalini Singh Unbelievably it took me nearly 11 months to finish reading this novel. I stalled out half-way last year but switching over to audiobook finally enabled me to finish it. This was very much an ensemble book without a central couple, instead the central story is that of the new Trinity Accords and the testing of the new bonds between the Psy, Changeling and human races, as they try work together to rescue a kidnapped changeling.   This will not be my favorite of this series because of all the frequent POV changes and the occasionally sagging pacing, it did set up the new status-quo in the Psy-changeling world and lay the groundwork for the new directions she will be pursuing in her next books.

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