#RomBkLove August Week 4: Food
Deacon by Kit Rocha (Gideon's Rider's #2) and Sanctuary by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Beards & Bondage #2)

#RomBkLove: August Week 5: Lost & #RomBkLove and #readRchat Updates for September.

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I almost forgot about this week of Aug. It got lost in my planning for the start of the school year and our end of summer vacation. This week navigating NYC and Philadelphia via public transit has reminded of how important it to have people you can share the navigating responsibilities with.  I am the family planner, I book the hotels, shows and games, and I often lead the way, peering into my beloved google maps app for guidance, but my husband is my master sign spotter. He is taller than me by a good 8 inches, so he can see above the crowd and spot those street signs or exit signs. As long as I have some idea of where we are supposed to be heading, he will help get us there.

For this week #RomBkLove I would love to know about your favorite stories where people lose their way and find again either metaphorically or literally.

 In Alisha Rai's newest novel: Hate to Want You, Nico and Livvy lose each other to family secrets but keep circling back to each other year after year, till they finally find their way back to each other. There is a particularly poignant use of compass rose, that made my heart beat extra hard.

Tamsen Parker's Compass series is all about people exploring their desires and finding someone to share their journey with. My favorite two are  True North and Due South.  In True North, Slade Lewis (the villain in the Personal Geography) is shocked to run into his ex-wife at a BDSM club where he is starting his training.  The same ex-wife he drove away because he didn't think he could ever confess his kinks to her, so shamed he had been of them.  In True North, Slade and Pressley need to figure out if they can come back together or if it too late.

Sight Unseen Anthology had a lovely novella, The Heart is a Universe, that was all about losing one's faith, purpose and way in life, and how hard it can be to find one's way to the end of a journey without someone at your side.

Laura Florand's La Vie en Roses series has been about finding one's way back to family and community. Each of the heroines has connections to the Rosier Valley, but their families had either run away or been driven away from the valley and the Rosier for one reason or another. Unexpected inheritances draw them back and they need to figure out they have a future in the valley or if they need to walk away again.

What romances do you get lost in?

On Friday the All About Romance team will host a month of #RomBkLove.  They are going to tackle the Five Pillars of Society, starting off with Family. They will be posting a daily prompt (except for Sundays) for the month of September.

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Sept 1-7th:  Building Blocks of Society: Family

Sept: 1st: Baby, secret or not

Sept 2nd: Sister, step or not

Sept 3rd: No post -- enjoy your Sunday

Sept 4th: Brother, foster or not

Sept 5th: Mother, Step or not

Sept 6th: Father, foster or not

Sept 7th: Family, unit or clan


And don't forget our #RomBkLove themed #readRchat take place on September 2nd at 4pm EST:


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