The Waning Days of 2017: Mini-Review Round-up
A #Rombklove Recommendation List for Fire & Ice

#RombkLove Reads!: Join us for a reading challenge in 2018!

I am not the best person to promote a reading challenge, since I usually forget about them mid-year but this is more of a conversation challenge.  Willaful and Sunita and others wanted to continue the fun they were having with their #DecktheHarlequin challenge and carry in its idea into the New Year and they asked if they could use #Rombklove for the tag.  I am super excited because reading and book conversations are self-care, and I can't wait to talk books with all of you in the new year.

Commitment is minimal. Just read and post about the books you are reading that relate however loosely to the month's theme.  We will start out with the theme Fire and Ice, to give people time to read lots of books with this theme, we will have it go through Feb.

Please feel free to share book recs on the tag too. Books that you might have read in the past that fit the theme.  We will also be looking for suggestions for later in the year.



And if you need some ideas of some tropes and topics that fit the theme here are some that my brain couldn't but catalog late the other night.  If you have any we should add, share them in the comments.


Ice Princess
Fiery Temper
Blowing Hot & Cold
Too Hot to Handle
Carrying a Torch
Walk through Fire
As Cool as Ice
On Thin Ice
Break the Ice
Tip of the Iceberg
Stone Cold Fox
Cool Cucumber
Cold Fish
Blood Runs Cold
Cold Showers
Cold Comfort
Out in the Cold
Sweating Bullets
Hot Under the Collar
Snowed In
Burnt Out
Ears are Burning
Burning Bridges
Burning Passion
Where there is smoke...
Fired Up
By Candlelight
Burn it all down

and who could forget

Dragons and Phoenixes!


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