A Scandal in Scandinavia by Kelly Maher
Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs and Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

#Rombklove Reads's New Theme for March and April: Town and Country

Collage, one a city skyline with a busy highway, another gold green hills, and the third a wall of paper pages with Red hearts.
Town and Country #Rombklove


        I grew up a suburban girl,my town one of many swallowed up by the San Juan Metroplex.  I grew up with city traffic, but a large yard, with fruit trees and hills to explore. Not quite the best of both worlds but it was my home.  However in Puerto Rico almost everyone who grows up in the San Juan Metroplex has family in El Campo.  For my family El Campo was Naranjito, the small mountain town one set of grandparents hailed from. We would go up on weekends, taking long curvy mountain roads up to the quiet town.  There  we would celebrate holidays, roast pigs, make pasteles and gather plantains from the hillside that was all that remained of the family's old tobacco farm.  We would breathe in the fresh air, and go to sleep in hammocks listening to unfamiliar birds singing in the trees. When I think of Town and Country, I think of this retreat, of taking a break from the hubbub of town for a brief respite in the country, of wandering along country lanes with my cousins, looking for adventure. 


What do you associate with the phrase Town and Country?


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