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Day 1 #RomBkLove : Once Upon a Time

#RomBkLove 2018: Daily prompts from a fantastic team of romance readers, bloggers and reviewers

#RomBkLove 2018, updated with new prompt for Day 24 & Day 30. Full text in the blog post below.

It has been a year since a few friends encouraged me to embrace my idea of hosting a month worth of romance themed conversation prompts. It was a wild month. I loved being able to spend a month talking about my favorite books with tons of other romance readers. I made so many new friends and my one-click finger got a workout thanks to all the fantastic recommendations and introductions to new-to-me authors from readers responding to the prompts.

This year I've invited a fantastic group of readers, reviewers and bloggers to help me by choosing a topics and creating inclusive rec posts for their prompt.  I hope you join us for a month of #RomBkLove.

This is the line up:


  1. Once Upon a Time by Ana Coqui @AnaCoqui                   Archive
  2. Betas by                                                Archive
  3. Groveling by                                    Archive
  4. Foodie Romance by    Archive
  5. Single Parent by                                                  Archive
  6. Auto-Buy by                     Archive
  7. Cowboys by                 Archive
  8. Road-Trip by Suzanne      Archive
  9. Insta-Love by     Archive
  10. Royal Romances by  Sil @thebookvoyagers                          Archive
  11. Old School by                        Archive
  12. Shorts & Novellas by      Archive
  13. Closed Door by                           Archive
  14. Family by                                                   Archive
  15. Geeky Romance/STEM  by The RomBkLove Team                   Archive
  16. Rockstars by Lola of      Archive 
  17. Seasoned Romance by The RomBkLove Team                        Archive
  18. Paranormal by /Joy  @JoyfullyReviewd  Archive
  19. Worldbuilding  by   Archive
  20. Memorable Sex Scenes by Joy  @JoyfullyReviewd    Archive
  21. Angst by           Archive
  22. Secret Baby by   Archive
  23. Gateway books by  and Gabby  AND if the link isn't working try this:    Archive
  24. Disability in Romance by Shantastic! @bardsong  Archive
  25. Steamy Reads by   Archive
  26. New-to-Me by Chachic @chachic_ Archive
  27. Re-Reads by and the Rombklove team  Archive
  28. Unrequited by   Archive
  29. Ménage  by  Archive
  30.  Hidden Gems by RombkLove Team  Archive
  31. And They Lived Happily Ever After by Ana Coqui @AnaCoqui

One of our original bloggers: Callalily  has had to drop out for personal reasons.  If you were looking forward to #RomBkLove Day 17: Disability in Romance please visit CallaLilly's fantastic Sense and Disability: Disability in Romance Blog and check out her insightful and trustworthy reviews. We have decided to replace  the Disability in Romance with Seasoned Romance (Romances featuring MC 35 years and older).

I regret to announce that Corey Alexander @TGStoneButch will not be hosting Day 24 as previously scheduled. I am incredibly thankful to Corey for their participation and support of in the tag and behind the scenes. Please visit their page: Corey's Book Corner and support their work.


Day 30: Dommes which was originally going to be hosted by Joy from Joyfully Reviewed has been changed into a group post about Hidden Gems.


I hope you join us and share your favorites books and characters once again.

Did you love #RomBkLove?  Join Ellie Reads, Mary Lynne, Kini, Jen and I for #readRchat each month.  


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