Day 9 #RomBkLove: Insta-Love
Day 11 #Rombklove: Old School/Vintage Romance

Day 10 #RomBkLove: Royalty

Day 10: Royalty #Rombklove

I am constantly in awe of Sil's ability to rec dozens and dozens of books for a particular trope at the drop of the hat and her rec threads are not only fun to read but diverse and inclusive and I can keep myself from one-clicking her recommendations into my collection. I am ridiculously excited to have her share with us her favorite Royalty romances.

And this is so true:

I also wanted to write this post because many, many sites are doing lists, especially this month, about the #RoyalWedding and they just like to erase the fact that Meghan Markle is black and keep recommending books with white couples. 

So check out her awesome list. There are some I've already read and love and so many more I want to try

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