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Joy is back today to talk about Memorable Sex Scenes. This topic was first hosted by Jen Porter who hosted the  Sexy edition of #Rombklove last July!  I can’t wait to see what scenes have left and impression for good or bad reasons for all of you!

Thank you Ana for once again allowing me to host a day of #RomBkLove.


Hey all, Joy here once again, still trying to recover from PNR day. Today I am here to talk about the memorable sex / love scenes in romance that stick with you. Now, for me, if a scene  makes my loins / my womb throb (LOL), my cheeks get inflamed, I start to sweat while reading said scene or said scene replays in my mind long after I have finished the book, then it is a rememorable scene. The scene can encompass anywhere from a kiss that blows your head off, foreplay, heavy petting, masturbation, lots of sexual tension, dirty talk to full on intercourse.


Capturing the sensuality and emotion of a love / sex scene, bringing the reader into the story and getting them to feel what the Hero or Heroine feels, almost as if you are a voyeur, so to speak, takes talent. And sometimes a memorable scene can be when you are thinking to yourself, how the heck did they do that?? or that's got to smarts (ouchie, lol) or you find yourself trying to reinact the scene to see if what you just read is physically possible to accomplish (ha!). 


In order for me to enjoy a romancre, there must have some form of heat in the book. I can enjoy a romance with just a little sex, but the sexual tension must be high! I need at least one flaming hot scene. Having read erotic, hot, steamy romance for quite a long time, it would take me days to go over all of the scenes that have stuck with me. I don't want to give away all the details in my recommendations, so that you can enjoy the strories when you pick them up AND YOU WILL! Here are just a mere fraction of the books with memorable love/sex scenes that have left me broken, throbbing and trying to recover, (rotflmao), listed in no certain order.


Perv by Dakota Gray (M/F)

The Hero not only is honest in his love of eating the puss, he revels in pleasuring a woman in that manner. A LOT! Enough said, LOL!


Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice (M/F)

Hero rents out office space to the Heroine. Lots of sexual tension, Hero is enamored immediately. The first time they have sex is in his offic (MEOW!) The next day she arrives at the office to see that he has left the panties that he tore off, on the doorknob of her office. 


Fall Fury by Jaci Burton (M/F)

Hero can control storms. He persues Heroine and enacts foreplay in some very inventive weather related ways.


Natural Law by Joey W. Hill (M/F)

Joey guts me every time with her Contemporaries as well as her BDSM books. There are too many memorable scenes to count  so I will use the scene from Natural Law where the Heroine, a Domme, is teaching the Hero to use his safe word. Hero is a cop and uber Alpha. Let just say that it gets verrrrrrrry intense.


Waiting For It by Rhyannon Byrd (M/F)

As with Joey, Rhyannon Byrd guts me every time but here are two of the books that hurt my innards (in a good way) 

Hero has loved the Heroine for years. Stayed away, respected her marriage. She is now divorced and he comes back to town to claim his woman! Lots of oral on his part and when they finally make love, the Big Bang Theory happens (lol). Very Alpha, very loving, dirty talker.


Triple Play by Rhyannon Byrd (M/F/M)

Heroes friend knows Hero loves the Heroine but the Hero wont persue her because of something from his past. Friend brings Heroine to Heroes place as a gift for his birthday with the Heroines consent. So begins a night of  breaking down the Heroes defenses with some very intense lovemaking.


Night Fever by Susan Kyle (M/F)

Hero is the DA. Heroines brother gets into trouble and she tries to convince the Hero that he is a good boy.  She has much on her plate taking care of elderly grandfather and her younger brothers. Hero patiently courts the Heroine with lots of foreplay. 


Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey (M/F)

Hero is a very sexy cop next door. Heroine has newly moved in and is on the run with her younger sister. Heroine wants nothing to do with Hero even though he is to die for, her first concern is her sister and keeping a low profile. Hero is having none of that and is a verrry dirty talker. 


Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston  (M/F)

Hero is a wolf shifter. Small town Heroine has been shunned most of her life due to an injury that left her walking with a limp and in pain. On top of that her grandmother was an evil bitch. She is very wary of people in general so when the Hero walks into the auto repair shop that she works in and shows interest, she is NOPE! Let the dance begin (lol). Sexual tension and a very hot scene when the Hero finally is able to be alone with the Heroine.


HAVEN by Rebekah Weatherspoon  (M/F)

After a very harrowing incident while on a camping trip, our Heroine literally runs into the arms of the Hero as she makes her escape to safety. Haven is a very intense story whos' Heroine and Hero are both trying to come to grips on how to live with their new normal. They begin a D/s relationship that is so pure and real as well as immensely erotic. Their journey to not only learning how to love one and another but how to come to grips with their very different lifestyles makes for a very great read.


Wicked Sacrifice by Lora Leigh (M/F/M)

Twin Heroes who share their women. Heroine works as secretary for them and is having none of being in a relationship with either much less both of them. Heroine turns the tables on Heroes as they persue indiviually and together. Oh, and what what twin feels, so does the other. OMG!!!!! 


Rejar by Dara Joy  (M/F)

Rejar is a Familiar from another world and is a very sexual being. He lands in the 18th century and rebukes the strait laced rules that prevent him from being the wanton and sexually open man that he wants to be. He sees the Heroine and immediately knows that she is his. He falls in love and uses everything in his repetoire in his pursuit of our very independent Heroine and I mean nothing. Mwahahha. 


Knight of A Trillion Stars by Dara Joy (M/F)

From the same world as Rejar, KoATS's Hero is Rejar's brother. He is very Alpha and his Heroine is a modern woman from the 20th century. He kidnaps her to his world where he courts her and he courts her alllll over his realm.. a lot! 


Below are memorable scenes suggested by some of my fellow Romance Peeps, who are hosting other prompts during #RomBkLove.


Awaken, My Love by Robin Schone (M/F)

The Heroine time-travels through self-love orgasm. - Mary Lynne Nielsen (@emmelnie)


Savage Thunder by Johanna Lindsey (M/F)

"Sex while riding on a horse". Massively dated book, but that scene! - Mary Lynne Nielsen (@emmelnie)


Muse by Anne Calhoun (M/F)

Very intense sex scenes & role playing. - Ellie Reads (@e_savova)


Please share your most memorable love/sex scenes, using #RomBkLove on Twitter. I'll have my pen and paper ready!


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