Day 31 #RomBkLove: And They Lived Happily Ever After...
Peter Darling by Austin Chant

#RomBkLove 2018: Thank You!

Rombklove Thank You
Dear , thanks to all of you, For showing up and sharing the books you love.

Finding fellow readers & celebrating the incredible diversity of Romance is what this month was about for us.

I hope you keep using the #RomBkLove tag to share your love for books you discovered this month so we can continue to have these conversations together.

If you missed some of the fantastic rec posts put together by my fabulous co-bloggers, you find them all listed here: along with our daily tweet archives.

I adore the team. They made this month amazing by sharing the load of hosting, and by being incredibly generous with their time and experience. Check out their blogs and TL, as they will continue to share their love of books even as this event end.

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