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#RomBkLove Day 1: Couldn’t Put It Down

Day1 #RomBkLove

Every once and while we read a book that we just simply can't put down. These are the books that inspire bad decisions like sneak reading or reading in to the wee hours of the morning.  These books are both a gift and a curse.  Page-turners that have you hooked and give you good-book hangover.  Tell me which books capture your attention and didn't let you go?

The book that most recently had me staying up late into the night and up early the next morning reading was Ada Harper's Treason of Truths. I read the first 6 chapters in one go, staying up well past my bedtime. The intensity of the story just caught me.

I ended up reviewing Treason of Truths for Love in Panels and I highly rec the two book series it is a part of. Lots of fantastic role-reversals and subversive takes on tropes that I love.  Fantastically queer and diverse world.  Treason of Truths is f/f, black leads, with ace and trans supporting characters

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