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#RomBkLove Day 10: What Did I Just Read? OTT & WTF

Day10 #RomBkLoveFun, wacky, wild or just plain odd. Sometimes nothing but an OTT or WTF will do. Which odd-ball romances are more than they seem? Which ones have stuck with you?  Why read something OTT or WTF?

Sometimes I have an itch for stories with over-the-top elements and ridiculous situations. I tend to binge read them for comfort when I am stressed or overwhelmed.  A few summers ago I read 40 TS Joyce, Lumberjack Werebear books over a 2 to 3 week span. The books are full humor, and surprisingly deep worldbuilding, but mostly about werebears fighting in lumberjack camps.    

GA Aiken/Shelley Laurenston has fantastically over-the-top fights and plots. I love the out-thereness of her stories. Whether it is brawling honey-badger sisters or a blood-thirsty queen married to a dragon.

Who do you turn to when nothing but eye-brow raising drama or zany plotlines will do?

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