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#RomBkLove Day 12: In Uniform

Day12 #RomBkLoveYesterday was the 100th anniversary of Armistice day which marked the end of the First World War. In the United States it was also Veterans Day, a day where we honor and remember the sacrifices made by those who served.

Today is #RomBkLove' In Uniform Day.  This category includes those who served in the military but is not exclusively about them, as other folks also serve and those careers share many things in common. Long-separation, crazy hours, dangerous and emotionally draining jobs don't sound sexy but romance has long been fascinated with MCs in uniform. Nurses, Astronauts, Navy Seals, Firefighters, and so many more. Why are these careers such a long-standing draw for romance readers?

Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner's Fly me to the Moon series is set during the Space Race and many of the MCs are Veterans, former military personnel or otherwise involved with the Government in pursuit of exploring space. I've really loved the way this play into many of the relationships and romances. I was particular moved by  Turner and Barry capture the way it affects the women, how they worry and how they band together to take care of each other. I've reviewed many of the books (Star Dust, Midnight Clear, Free Fall) and I beta read the 2nd book Earth Bound.

In Laura Florand' A Kiss in Lavender, military service provide a new community and place of belonging for Lucien when he needed it most. Elena struggle with fitting into that world however when they reconnect and struggles to let go of the idea that she would bring him back home.  They have to sort out a lot about how to have a relationship and balance how his military service will work or not work in their relationship.

Farrah Rochon has a couple of books in her Moments in Maplesville series that feature former military personnel. In A Perfect Holiday Fling, the Stephen is a former Navy pilot, coming to terms with the fact that he might no longer be able to serve due to injury and trying to figure out what his next step.  He is also taking care of his widowed sister's son, while she serves a tour as an Army Nurse. She ended up getting her HEA in I Dare You, where she is pursued by another ex-Navy pilot, a good friend of her brother.  


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