#RomBkLove Day 12: In Uniform
#RomBkLove Day 14: Power Dynamics

#RomBkLove Day 13: Stolen Kisses & Sexy Interludes

Day13 #RomBkLove

A stolen kiss in a moonlight garden, a scorching encounter in the coat room, these little sexy interludes spice up many a romance novel. Which ones were the most sexy? Sweet? Funny? Ridiculously wonderful?  Give us the who, what & where for the most memorable? 


From Ada Harper's A Conspiracy of Whispers:

And oh, after it all, how she needed to be kissed like this. A kiss like a wall, stopping her thoughts. A kiss like a wolf, snapping up her breath. A kiss like stone, anchoring her in. A kiss like sunlight, chasing shadows and warming places so long in the cold. A kiss like everything Galen was, wrapped up and pressed past her parted lips until she tasted nothing but him.



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