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#Rombklove Day 17: Fantastical: Fantasy and Urban Fantasy

Day17 #RomBkLove

I didn't grow up a romance reader, at least I didn't think I was one, but almost all the fantasy and urban fantasy I read had romantic elements in it and that was one of the reasons I read it for.  Which Fantasy and Urban Fantasy books provide satisfying romantic storylines? 

For Urban Fantasy my number one author is Ilona Andrews. Her Kate Daniels and Hidden Legacy series are fantastic and I know even as the leads go through romantic up and downs that I can trust for the relationships to be built up. They have even gotten me to read a story about Hugh, and actually feel sympathetic for the murdering lug. I also love Patricia Briggs, particularly her Alpha and Omega books.

For fantasy romance that delivers, I would immediately think of Grace Draven. And I am really excited for new book by Song of Blood and Stone  author L. Penelope.  as I really loved the first of the EarthSinger chronicles book and the rest of the series looks to be published soon.

I am also very excited for Stephanie Burgis new series, the Hardwood Spellbook. I have loved the stories that come out so far and I adore the world. Snowspelled is the first book. In this world men do magic and women are politicians.  But our heroine works magic and is not going to be bound by the prescribed limitations of her society. 

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