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Day 22 #RomBkLoveThis is absolutely my favorite trope ever.  I adore romances where the MCs either already have a group of people they love as family or find that in the course of the story.   What authors and romances have this as their core story. What do you love about books with the found family trope?

I am writing this in the living room at my sister's in-laws house. Over twenty-years ago, one Thanksgiving K brought R to home to her family.  They welcomed my prickly, brash and opinionated sister and just loved her.  Then they loved us all too. Over the last 20 years, I have spend dozens of thanksgivings at their house, even lived briefly with them. They are like an additional set of grandparents for our kids and fantastic set of older wiser adults to listen to us.  

Having lived thousands of miles away from our families for most of our married life, folks like the Ks and other couples over the years, have become surrogate family, they have welcomed us to their house on holidays, picked up the kids from school when there was an emergency and picked us up from airports during snowstorms.  Knowing how important chosen/found family have been in our lives, I love romances where the MCs not only find love but find community.

My go to for found family is Kit Rocha. The O'Kanes aren't just a bi-sexual love army, they are a community. They support each other, they challenge and help each other grow.  The MCs in these books don't just find lovers, they find a crew of people to have their backs.

A lot of PNR romances have this as an element.  In Nalini Singh's Psy-changeling series, Sasha falls for DarkRiver before she falls for Lucas. Starved for touch and affection, she soaks up their love and show her that she isn't flawed for feeling.

KJ Charles's romances often feature found family, communities of Queer people, who love and care for each other, standing together for each other.

Who are the authors that give their MCs not just lovers, but friends who love and care for them?

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