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#RomBkLove Day 23: Crafts and Hobbies

Day 23 #RomBkLoveWhat are your hobbies? What do they say about you and what you love? I love when authors give MC's something they are passionate about beyond their romantic partners.  What romances combine crafts and hobbies?  Which has been the most unexpected one portrayed?  Anything ever drive your up a wall about the way your hobby has been portrayed?

Although I am a knitter I have generally avoided knitting themed romances but there are few exceptions. I really loved Knit One, Girl Two, by Shira Glassman. One of the MCs is Indie Yarn dyer who is inspired by the vibrant colors of the other MC's paintings.  The book has great scenes with them collaborating and preparing batches of yarn for yarn subscription service. Everything about it was interesting and none of it felt wrong or off.  

Sometimes knitting is simply mentioned in passing and I pay attention. Kit Rocha had Nessa in Beyond Surrender be a failed knitter, how still kept her abandoned projects on a shelf along with all the other things she learned to do and then abandoned, driven by her ADHD into different interests.

I also enjoyed the portrayal of knitting in Annabeth Albert's Knit Tight.  One of the MCs is a knitwear designer who comes back to town to help run his beloved aunt's yarn shop when she falls ill.

Do any romance MC's share your hobbies? What kind of hobbies make into romance novels?

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