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#RomBkLove Day 25: Get a Clue! Romantic Mysteries

Day 25 #RomBkLoveNothing like falling in love over a dead body! MCs working together and occasionally at odds while trying to solve a crime. What are your favorite romantic mystery series? Which ones find an HEA not just the murderer?

Used to be a bit mystery reader in my teens and I love when romance and mystery intersect. 

Sherry Thomas's Lady Sherlock Mystery series romantic relationship is complicated and layered, with many obstacles and tensions.  I'm never quiet sure where things are going but I love reading about Charlotte and how she negotiates her feelings for Lord Ingram. 

I am also a big fan of Deanna Raybourn's Veronica Speedwell Mysteries, because they are great blend of historical fiction, adventure and romance. Veronica and Stoker are often at odd, but develop a fun working relationship that is complicated by their mutual attraction and Veronica's unconventional attitudes.  

Jeanie Lin's The Liar's Dice from last years Gambled Away anthology was essentially a mystery novella with romantic elements.  I loved how Wei-Wei and Gao are drawn together through their course of investigation.

This year I really enjoyed listening to Laura K Curtis's Twisted  about a true crime reporter who comes back home to dig up the truth about her mother's murder, all while falling in love with the town sheriff. 


In which books do the MCs find love as well as solve the case?

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