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#RomBkLove Day 4: Sports

Day4 #RomBkLove

On the ice, the field, the track or pool, romance MC's compete for more than medals or trophies, they are out to win hearts.  What are you favorite sport-themed romances? 

I don't read a lot of sports-themed romances but there are several sports-adjacent romances that I would highly recommend.  Ruby Lang writes fantastic prickly heroines, with fierce competitive streaks. In Hard Knocks a neurologist ends up embroiled in a very public feud with a hockey player on the brink of retirement. I love the humanity and humor of her characters.  In her story, The Long Run in Rogue Acts, the MCs in the her short-story are neighbors who got off on the wrong foot and keep running across each other on their jogging routes. They are surly, wrong-headed and I loved both of them.

As we enter the winter season I would also recommend Tamsen Parker's Snow and Ice series.   Parker does not shy away from portraying the costs of competition while bringing to life passionate and flawed MCs.


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