#RomBkLove Day 4: Sports
#RomBkLove Day 6: Civic Engagement: Public Service, Politics, & Activism

#RomBkLove Day 5: Still Looking: Hard-to-Find Tropes

Day5 #RomBkLove
What tropes do you keep looking for and not finding? What kind of books do you wish you saw more of? What tropes are you yearning for?

Yesterday I was looking for Puerto Rican baseball player romances, and I got one rec. Maybe you are looking for f/f best friends's older sibling or whatever... do you have a kind of book that you keep looking for an not quiet finding? 

My hope for all of us is that someone has read or written it and we can find recs from each other today.  At worst we speak our desires out loud and maybe someone out there will write it!


Bonus #RomBkLove: A listing of all the prompts for the month

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