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#RomBkLove Day 6: Civic Engagement: Public Service, Politics, & Activism

Day6 #RomBkLoveBack when I put this list together it seemed like a good idea to directly reference it being Election day in the US than to pretend it wasn't happening. 

I strongly believe that all romance is political, not just the ones with politicians, civil servants & activists. HEAs and who gets to have them are things that matter. Who is erased and who is glorified matters.

From parliaments to street protests, proper parlors to gaming halls, lobbyists, council members, seditious pamphleteers, abolitionists, suffragettes, crusading journalists and presidents have all found love in Romance novels.  Who made civic engagement just a little bit sexy?

Rose Lerner's Sweet Disorder is one of my favorite political romances. A young widow can cast a deciding ballot, and is being courted heavily for her vote. The heroine is prickly, independent and no one to mess with.

In KJ Charles's A Seditious Affair, Silas run a illegal printing press in his basement, and nearly dies for his political passions.

I really love The Rogue Anthologies, I have pre-ordered each one! (Rogue Acts is one of my favorites), as they have collected fantastic morsels of political resistance and radical hope from their inception in the days after the 2016 election.

In Beverly Jenkins's historicals, the political action is often part of the story or backstory. In Forbidden, Rhine Fontaine is a black man, a former slave, passing a white man in Nevada, active politically, serving in his city's council and it is one of the things he gives up when he claims his blackness to live along side his beloved Eddie. Their beloved nieces are also deeply passionate about politics. Portia in Breathless deep interest in women's suffrage and looking forward to attending a women's rights convention while  in Tempest on the things that attracts Regan to wilds of Wyoming Territory is the opportunity to vote.

I could keep naming romances where the politics are central to the love story...but I want to see who you will name. 

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