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#RomBkLove Day 8: Hard to Categorize: All Those Cross-Genre, Mini-Genre Delights

Day8 #RomBkLoveSteampunk, Horror Romances, Dystopian/Royal Romances, Historical/Contemporary hybrids...and dozens more. Which mini-genres & cross-genre romances do you love hard even if they are hard to categorize?

I suspect many others will name the books on my list but I love Kit Rocha's novels. They write HopeDark romances set in a dystopian world. The Beyond Series & The Gideon Riders series are a part SFR, part Fantasy, part RS, with fantastic worldbuilding and it all works for me.

I also love Susanna Kearsley's romances. Her books often have dual timelines with paranormal elements, so are they contemporary, historical or paranormal? The romances are atmospheric, gentle and emotional. My favorites are the Winter Sea, A Desperate Fortune and Shadowy Horses.

I read a lot of historical fantasy where it is hard to click just one box for because both elements are equally important.  KJ Charles's A Charm of Magpies Series, is a cross of horror, PNR and fantasy romance.  Zen Cho's Sorcerer to the Crown, is full of political intrigue and the social shenanigans of regency novel but in fascinating fantasy world.  Similarly Stephanie Burgis's Hardwood Spellbook series is set in a deeply political fantasy regency world full of magic.

Which niches in romances do you love?

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