#RomBkLove Day 1: Couldn’t Put It Down
#RomBkLove Day 3: Made You Blush

#RomBkLove Day2: Fluffy

Day2 #RomBkLove

These books are like big warm hugs or fluffy blankets to cuddle into.  What books do you read when you just need something low-angst and low-conflict? 

Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon was mentioned over and over yesterday. It was my slam-dunk pick for fluffy this year. Everything about this book worked for me, from the fantastic way it approached consent and power dynamics to the fabulous supporting casts that made me feel like the characters had people to turn to at all times. It was sexy, sweet and just affirming.

It is about a divorced hardworking black doctor has her child-care situation collapse suddenly when her nanny takes off. Rafe has been working as live-in Nanny for years but he is at loose ends when one of the families he has been working for has relocated overseas and  he is not quite sure if he should continue doing or try something new.   


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