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#RomBkLove May 2019, Day 17: Love Me all the Curves

#RomBkLove May 2019, Day 16: Fake Relationships

Day 16_ May2019Rombklove

Need a fake date for a wedding? A fake fiancée to meet your folks or a pretend husband for a promotion?

Nix from Scorchingrevs has all the recs for you:

Fake Relationships

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How to participate?

Readers: Respond to the prompts! Share your favorite books, characters, scenes, or thoughts on tropes.  Make sure to include the #RomBkLove hashtag with your tweet! If you have read and loved a book by LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and/or  Authors of Color that fits the prompt please, please mention it.  You might think everyone has heard of the book but I can guarantee you there are lots of people who still need to hear about it.  

Authors: You are welcome to participate too, as fellow readers. The tag is not meant for self-promotion. Boost fellow authors, celebrate the community but do so in a way that respect reader spaces. Respect the conversation.   Join in to rec the books you love that fit the theme/trope/prompt. Yes, you can say “I wrote a book with this trope” but please don’t spam the hashtag with generic promo. 

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