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#Rombklove 2020: Day 1: Comfort Reads / Lecturas reconfortantes

#RomBkLove 2020: Celebrating Inclusive Romance during a Pandemic!

RomBkLove Full Month Prompts

Maybe you haven't read in weeks, or maybe you haven't stopped reading since this all started. Either way I know you love to talk about books.

Tomorrow #Rombklove 2020 kicks off with a whole new crew of readers, reviewers and writers sharing their love for inclusive romance by writing about the different tropes, motifs and sub-genres of romance that most fascinate them.

Every day in May there will be a prompt tweet to kick off conversation and every week day link to an inclusive rec post full of fabulous books put together by the #Rombklove team.

This post will be updated each day, with links to all  the rec posts, and an archive of the day's tweets.




How to participate?

Readers: Respond to the prompts! Share your favorite books, characters, scenes, or thoughts on tropes.  Make sure to include the #RomBkLove hashtag with your tweet! If you have read and loved a book by LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and/or  Authors of Color that fits the prompt please, please mention it.  You might think everyone has heard of the book but I can guarantee you there are lots of people who still need to hear about it.  

Authors: You are welcome to participate too, as fellow readers. The tag is not meant for self-promotion. Boost fellow authors, celebrate the community but do so in a way that respect reader spaces. Respect the conversation.   Join in to rec the books you love that fit the theme/trope/prompt. Yes, you can say “I wrote a book with this trope” but please don’t spam the hashtag with generic promo. 

Still have questions about Rombklove?  Read our Q &A: What is #Rombklove and other questions.


Day 1: Comfort Reads/Lecturas reconfortantes by  Heather @HeatherLire  -- Archive , GR Lists: 1, 2, 3

Day 2: Space Romance/Romance espacial   -- Archive, GR Lists 1, 2

Day 3: Pet Love/ Amor & Mascotas   -- Archive GR Lists 1, 2

Day 4: Slump Busting Novellas/ Novelas breves para recuperar el ritmo by Sarah @lustfoundreads  -- Archive, GR Lists: 1, 2, 3

Day 5: Seeing Yourself/Frente al espejo by Alex @alextweetsbooks  -- Archive  GR Lists: 1, 2

Day 6: First person POV Romance/Romance en primera persona by Nix @scorchingrevs -- Archive  GR Lists: 1, 2

Day 7: Cover Art/ Cubiertas by Steve @stegan -- Archive, GR Lists:  1,2,3,4

Day 8: Opposites Attract / La atracción de los opuestos by Ericka @e_bookpushers -- Archive, GR Lists: 1,2

Day 9: Older and Wiser / El amor no tiene edad  -- Archive, GR list

Day 10: Romantic Gestures / Gestos románticos -- Archive, GR List 1, 2

Day 11: YA Romance/ Romance juvenil by Melinda @MelindaEdits -- Archive, GR List 1, 2

Day 12: Women in STEM / Mujeres de ciencias by Lucy Eden @lucyedenauthor -- Archive, GR Lists 1, 2

Day 13: Shared Experiences /Experiencias compartidas by Heather @HeatherLire  -- Archive, GR List

Day 14:  Paranormal Romance / Romance paranormal by Kenzie MacLir  @KenzieMacLir-- Archive, GR Lists: 1, 2, 3

Day 15: Marriage of convenience/arranged marriage / Matrimonio de conveniencia by Mary Lynne @emmelnie  -- Archive,  GR Lists 1, 2

Day 16: Just a hint of Magic / Un toque de magia -- Archive, GR List

Day 17: Romantic suspense / Suspense romántico by Sarah @lustfoundreads -- Archive, GR Lists 1, 2

Day 18: Romance Audiobooks / Audiolibros de romántica by Kaetrin  @Kaetrin67 --  Archive GR Lists 1, 2

Day 19: Kink in romance/Romance y kink  Jennifer Porter @JenniferRNN -- Archive GR Lists 1, 2

Day 20: Found Community/Pertenencia a una comunidad  by Melanie @melon_reads -- Archive, GR List 1, 2

Day 21: Musician romance/Romances con músicos by Corey Alexander @TGStoneButch -- Archive GR Lists 1, 2

Day 22: Beautiful Prose/La belleza de la prosa by Ruby Lang @RubeLang -- Archive GR list

Day 23: Small Town Romance/ Romance Rural -- Archive GR List

Day 24: Steampunk -- Archive GR List

Day 25: Activist MCs/Protagonistas activistas by Carolina @wutheringreads -- Archive GR list

Day 26: Religious and Cultural Communities by Stacey Agdern @nystacey -- Archive GR list

Day 27:  Bodyguard romances by Micaela @Siempreromances -- Archive GR List

Day 28:  Wrapped around your pinky by Allie Therin @allie_therin -- Archive, GR List

Day 29:  Summer Reading/New Titles by Agata Weronika @Aqueda_Veronica -- Archive, GR List

Day 30: Made Me Laugh -- Archive

Day 31: Trope Mashups -- Archive

Day 32:  THANK YOU!

#Rombklove 2020 almost didn't get going this year.  With everything that was going on, with my own head barely above water, I just didn't feel like I could ask bloggers and readers to do more.  But after a few folks let me know how much they were looking forward to having booktalk on their TLs again I decided to take a different approach.  So this year I am delegating and trusting an even bigger group of volunteers.  The amazing readers are stepping up to create graphics, translate, review, help write prompts and even pitch in with the archiving! It is amazing.

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