#Rombklove 2020 Day/día 30: Made me Laugh/A carcajada limpia
#Rombklove 2020 Thank You!

#Rombklove 2020 Day/día 31: Trope Mashups/Cóctel de temas

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What are your favorite Trope Mashups?  What tropes go well together? Which do you never want to see mixed? Share the books that combine tropes in unexpected ways! Ask for recs trope mashups you would love to read!  

¿Cuáles son tus mezclas de temas favoritas?  ¿Cuáles van mejor juntos? ¿Y cuáles no querrías ver nunca mezclados? Comparte los libros que combinan temas de forma inesperada ¡o pide recomendaciones de algún cóctel de temas que te encantaría leer!



GR Lists

How to participate?

Readers: Respond to the prompts! Share your favorite books, characters, scenes, or thoughts on tropes. Make sure to include the #RomBkLove hashtag with your tweet! If you have read and loved a book by LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and/or Authors of Color that fits the prompt please, please mention it. You might think everyone has heard of the book but I can guarantee you there are lots of people who still need to hear about it.

Authors: You are welcome to participate too, as fellow readers. The tag is not meant for self-promotion. Boost fellow authors, celebrate the community but do so in a way that respect reader spaces. Respect the conversation. Join in to rec the books you love that fit the theme/trope/prompt. Yes, you can say “I wrote a book with this trope” but please don’t spam the hashtag with generic promo.

For a list of all of these month's prompts and archives go to: https://www.anacoqui.com/2020/04/rombklove-2020-celebrating-inclusive-romance-during-a-pandemic.html

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