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#Rombklove 2021: Our second Pandemic edition!

Insta 2021#RomBkLove (2) Welcome back to #RomBkLove!

For the 2nd time in the midst of a pandemic we are taking a little time to celebrate inclusive romance. 

This is our fifth year and our 7th go around!  This year we welcome a new crew of romance readers and lovers sharing their inclusive recs lists and inviting you to share your favorite books.  Our crew of reader volunteers will also gather each of day's tweets into a daily archive we will link to below each day and they will also create GR lists for each prompt.

I can't wait to share this conversation with you.

How to Participate:

Each day a tweet & instagram post with a prompt and link to rec post for each topic will be posted from my @anacoqui and @anacoquireads accounts.  Follow the #RomBkLove & Reply to the tweet with the #RomBkLove hashtag to make sure your reply is archived.  Bookmark this post as I will update it each night with links to rec lists and archives!

As a Latinx (Puerto Rican), bi romance reader I want #Rombklove to be inclusive space for LGBTQIA +, Disabled & POC readers. If you have read and loved a book by Disabled, LGBTQIA+ and/or Authors of color that fits the prompt please, please mention it.  You might think everyone has heard of the book but I can guarantee you there are lots of people who still need to hear about it.  

Here is list of our topics for this month:

Day 1:  Survival  by Ana Coqui  Archives: Day 1's Tweets, Good Reads

Day 2: Escapist with recs by Melinda, Ingrid, Vicky & Jaycee Archive , Good Reads

Day 3: Book Fashion Show by Nick  ArchivesGood Reads

Day 4: Captivating Audiobooks by Kat C from Books & Sensibility Archive, Goodreads

Day 5:  Ménage & Polyamory by Jaycee Jarvis Archives, Goodreads

Day 6: Comforting Kindness by Tabs  Archives, Goodreads

Day 7: Bad Decisions Book Club by Melanie  Archives, Goodreads

Day 8: Romance Remix: Retellings by The Smut Report  Archives, Goodreads

Day 9: Parenting  with Recs from the #RomBkLove team

Day 10: Impossible Relationships by Stacey 

Day 11: Fake Relationships by Jen Twimom

Day 12: Weird & Wonderful Powers in PNR by Melinda

Day 13: Musicians

Day 14: Inclusive Wolves

Day 15: Low Heat

Day 16: Steamy & Inclusive

Day 17: Animal Companions

Day 18: Mental Health

Day 19: Traveling Together

Day 20: Inclusive Historicals

Day 21: Personal Canon

Day 22: Cultural Representation

Day 23: Action & Adventure

Day 24: Redemption Arcs

Day 25: Duty vs. Love

Day 26: Bakers

Day 27: Gothic Romances

Day 28: TV & Movies

Day 29: In the Public Eye

Day 30: City/Small Town

Day 31: Inclusive Cozies