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#RomBkLove 2021 Day 15: Low Heat Romance

Day 15

What are your favorite inclusive low heat romances? Do you find low heat reads in all subgenres, or mostly in certain ones? What do you look for in a low heat romance?

Guest post by Reina Williams 

Low heat romance looks and feels different to everyone. You might not even call it low heat. (Below, I designate kisses only: to me, that can include on-page kisses of faces, hands, and arms; touching, usually hand holds, gentle caresses, and the like; longing looks; and sexy thoughts.) Though I read every heat level, I appreciate having a pool of low heat romances to dive into, because especially during stressful times, low heat is my preferred heat level. Here are six of my favorites:


Contemporary Romance:


Twosweettobe goodThe Sugar Lake duo (As Good As the First Time and Too Sweet to Be Good), K.M. Jackson

Two sisters return to help their aunt at her Southern small-town bakery, and discover what they want, and romance. If you appreciate strong main characters, aunties and grandmas, pie, and slow-building love, try visiting Sugar Lake.

m/f romance; Black MCs; Black author

Kisses only 

Content advisory: grief (loss of relationship, deceased grandparent), divorce and single parenthood; Christian worldview characters


Takeme homeTake Me Home, Hudson Lin

This very short story between two older men, one grumpy and one sunshine, left me feeling as cozy as if I’d been in the coffee shop with the two MCs as they talk, knit, and flirt. 

m/m romance; Asian MC; Black MC; 50+ MCs

Longing looks and brief touching

Content advisory: grief (deceased wife)



IwannabewhereI Wanna Be Where You Are, Kristina Forest

This road trip romance, complete with a drooly dog, a grumpy neighbor, and a ballerina pursuing her dreams, is soft and adorable, yet also touches on difficult topics, like a challenging mother-daughter relationship, and navigating friendships and family.

m/f romance; Black MCs; Black author

Kisses only

Content advisory: grief (loss of parent), divorce and single parenthood; mention of racism; some salty language

Theresomething about sweetieThere’s Something About Sweetie, Sandhya Menon

I enjoy the Dimple and Rishi series, and this is my favorite. Sweetie and Ashish are fun characters, and are adorable together. They each have wonderful friend groups, close families, and the matchmaking centers a favorite trope. Love watching Sweetie find her voice and power, and how she and Ashish support each other.

m/f romance; fat MC; Indian American MCs; Indian American author

Kisses only

Content advisory: fat-shaming (including from a parent); breakup grief 


Historical Romance:


Craftof loveThe Craft of Love, E.E. Ottoman

Soft, cozy, romantic, and quietly emotional, The Craft of Love is a gentle read with tender moments, tea drinking, and struggles that end hopefully. A favorite read this year that I hope to reread.

m/f romance; white trans man MC; white bi/pan MC; trans male author

Kisses only 

Content advisory: mentions of trans hate and misgendering by a parent; deceased parent/grief


LawyersluckThe Lawyer’s Luck, Piper Huguley

In this novella, strong characters clash then come to appreciate and love each other in 1844 Ohio.

m/f romance; Black MCs; Black author

Kisses only

Content advisory: religious (Christian) content; mention/description of trauma (enslavement, anti-Blackness, and racism) 


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