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#RomBkLove 2021 Day 23: Action & Adventure

Day 23

#RomBkLove 2021 Day 23: Action & Adventure

Not all Action & Adventure romance is RS, what romances kept your heart pumping & your brain guessing as the MC's engaged in all kind of hijinks & misadventures across genre lines? Do you any favorite authors?


When I think action and adventure I think of Nalini Singh, whether it be her Guild Hunter books, Psy-changelings, or her thrillers her MC's are always thick in the action of political intrigue, life-risking adventure or other some caper.  (CWs: murder, gore, violence, guns, abuse, mentions of parental suicide).

NighthawkBeverly Jenkins's historicals are full of fantastic action & adventure, where her MCs show their audacity, vibrant vitality and fierce freedom as the outsmart, outchase and outlive anyone who dare challenge them. (Cws: Racism, violence, prejudice, guns, past trauma : enslavement).

Ai who loved meAlyssa Cole loves to write a good adventure, whether it is facing of against a wall of paparazzi, spying and sabotage deep in the confederacy or falling in love with with the AI next door, she pair humor, sass and heart with action and intrigue.  (Cws: racism, prejudice, secrets, guns, past trauma: enslavement, mind-wipes).

Kit Rocha's whole ouvre from their Moira Rogers PNR adventures, to their erotic revolutionaries to their Mercenary Librarians,  I know things will blow up, the romance will be intense and conflicted and some rich people's plans will be foiled.  (Cw: involuntary medical procedures, guns, past trauma: abuse, SA).

Who are you go to authors  for Action & Adventure?




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