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Day 5

RomBkLove 2021Day 5:  More the Merrier: What are you favorite inclusive Ménage and polyamorous romances? What do you look for?
does it best?

Author Jaycee Jarvis shares her favorites:

Welcome to #RomBkLove day 5: Ménage and Polyamory Romance

Today we’re going to celebrate one of my favorite relationship dynamics in romance novels-- stories that contain ménage and polyamorous relationships. There are some very rich themes commonly found in these stories, including characters discovering more about themselves and what really matters to them, great communication, and of course creative and interesting sex scenes, where desire is explored in ways that are authentic to the characters.

As Pinkslip a reader and a writer, I'm not a big fan of cookie-cutter expectations for what romance looks like. I've never enjoyed Valentine's day, which seems strange as someone so invested in the value and importance of love and romance, but the holiday really puts unnecessary performative pressure on couples to act or be a certain way---which is the opposite of romance in my mind. Love comes in many forms and every person and relationship is unique, so I really enjoy stories that step outside the mainstream to deliver a happy ending perfectly suited to the characters involved.
That's why books that feature polyamorous relationships appeal to me so much. The author is taking a stand from the get-go that their characters will define what happiness means to them, and to me there is nothing more joyful, nothing more romantic, nothing more empowering than that.
Best of all these stories can be found in every subgenre and niche of romance, so no matter what you like to read, you can find characters defining love and happiness on their own terms.

Contemporary Romance:

Pink Slip by Katina Jackson: In this fun and fast paced spy novel, Keirra decides to stop lusting after her married employers and move on with her life--only to be entangled in one last dangerous mission. 

Extra Whip by L.A. Witt: Small town romance with heavy kink. Will and Aaron are interested in Kelly for some casual fun, but they aren’t ready to be poly, are they? Bonus points for excellent depictions of safe-word usage. 

All Together by Brill Harper: In this new adult romance, best buds Fletch and Shane set out to teach shy Penelope about sex and romance and instead discover new depths to themselves and their relationship. 

Historical Romance:

The companionThe Companion by E.E. Ottoman: An atmospheric and immersive literary romance set in upstate New York in 1949. Struggling writer Madeline offers companionship to a reclusive author, and finds more than a refuge with him and his alluring neighbor. 

Scandalous Passions by Nicola Davidson: This medieval romance mixes political intrigue with a heartfelt love story. Exiled from court by a jealous queen, Lady Janet Fraser finds comfort and passion in the arms of her eager ward and the knight sent to protect them both.

Heart and Hand by Rebel Carter: A sweet western about a New York debutante who answers an ad for a mail-order bride for two men. Told from Julie’s point of view, this charming story explores what it means to boldly seek your own destiny, no matter how unconventional.

Paranormal Romance:

All the Prince's Men by Samantha MacLeod: Prince Liam is more interested in his personal guard than any wife, and must figure out how to balance duty and love. A touching tribute to found family and forging your own happiness.

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha: This best-selling series starts off hot and heavy, with a wide cast of compelling characters in a sex positive post-apocalyptic world. Exiled from puritanical Eden, Noelle explores her deepest desires with Jas and the loyal O’Kane clan.

Laid Bear by Eve Vaughn: A sexy paranormal Goldilocks and the Three Bears retelling. Zora doesn’t know quite what to do with the three bear shifters who claim to be her fated mates, though being with them feels just right.

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