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2022 mini-reviews! January

1. Heir of the Dog by Hailey Edwards (UF/Fantasy, White Woman-half-fae lead)  Starting the year how I ended the last...reading the Black Dog Series...continues to pick up in the middle of things but I've really gotten to like Thierry  CW: coercion, kidnapping, murder, violence 1/3/22

2. Lie Down with Dogs by Hailey Edwards (UF, 2nd chance, bm/ww) 

The threads are finally coming together and Thierry is making the right & hard choices even as twists and turns keep coming.  Intense action.


(Cw: kidnapping, violence, murder, betrayal, lies, drugged drink)  1/7/22


3. Old Dog, New Tricks by Hailey Edwards (UF, White Mc)

Thierry's adventures in Faerie draw to a close as something are torn asunder and others mended.  Intense action.


(Cw: violence, blood) 1/7/22


4. Stone Cold Fox (AM/WW, novella, fated mates, cosplsy). 


I was loving this until the fatphobia when Mai wallows in her feelings and  eat them and she and others make this out to be the worst. 


(Cw: abduction, imprisonment, controlling father, mind wipe, fatphobia) 1/7/22


5. Crashsite by Rachel Grant (WM/WW, 2nd chance, duology, RS)  Fiona & Dean get their happy ending after enduring tons while surprisingly reconnecting on tropical job that is not what it appears ( Cw: violence, murder, betrayal, drugs, jealousy, kidnapping, coercion) . 1/9/22


6. Thrown to the Wolves by Hailey Edwards (Short story collection, WM/AW, Older WW/ younger WM, BM/WW, WW/WW)  The stories range from unexpected matings after loss or trauma to vignettes showcasing former leads.  Cw: kidnapping, murder, blood, child in peril. 1/10/22


7. Promise the Moon by Hailey Edwards (WW/WM, UF, love triangle, 2nd chance, past trauma, war) I totally picked the wrong LI to root for and Dell is in over her head. CW: kidnapping, blood, children in peril, war, past trauma, toxic parent. 1/12/22


8 & 9 Wolf at the Door & Over the Moon by Hailey Edwards (WM/WW). Just a big eh for me. The bests of the books were Cam & Greason’s. The rest didn’t work as well for me. Cw: war, murder, gore, past trauma. 1/17/22


10. Farewell to Arms by Molly Harper (WM/WW, PNR, found family, toxic families) 


So sad this is the last Mystic Bayou book.  Loved this series and loved how the series accepts that all relationships can be restored and building new ones is freeing. Cw: stalking, kidnapping 1/23/22


11. Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison ( Fantasy/noir, Male MC)  Meandering and complex mystery with a fascinating unusual guilt ridden prelate, who can experience the last thoughts of the dead.  Justice for the dead is messy and sometimes ugly. (Cw: murder, suicide) 1/23/22


12. The Fifth Victim by Beverly Barton (Suspense with Romantic elements.,WM/WW with Cherokee ancestors).  Serial killer killing young women is being tracked by the uncle of one the victims who is drawn against reason to a gifted woman whose sight makes her a target. 1/28/22

13. Against a Wall by Cate C Wells ( WM/WW, bully, grumpy/sunshine, small town)  Cash has been the talks to much/smiles too much brother in the other books and in this book we learn his hidden obsession for a grumpy barista who ignores him. Cw: harassment, grief, guns, blood. 1/30/22