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Mini-reviews: February 2022

14 & 15. Last to Die & As Good as Dead by Beverly Barton (mystery/thriller with romantic elements, fatphobia, slut-shaming, racial slurs).  So much rape, but I was invested in Genny, Recs & Jazzy’s survival so I kept at it. Need a sweet palate cleanser (violence, murder, rape). 2/5/22

16. Hawaii Magic by Beverly Jenkins ( contp/survival novella , BM/BW, lawyer/pilot) Workaholic Anita is forced into a Hawaiian vacation which starts with her fiancée dumping her via text!  Can she relax & have fun with a cocky ex-marine ? (Cw: toxic parent, crash)  loved it! 2/5/22

16b. One Masked Night by Beverly Jenkins (cont/novella, arson investigator/ATF agent, one anonymous night). This was super sexy and sweet. Loved Eve & Leyton’s flirtations and overcoming their walls. (Cw: arson).  Fabulous love Ms.Bev’s Detroit novellas. 2/5/22 


17. You Sang to Me by Beverly Jenkins (BM/BW, cynical hotel maid/record producer, musical Cinderella) loved. Loved Regina, her strength, her sense of justice and her loyalty and Jamal is just gone for her! 2/6/22


18. I'll be Home for Christmas by Beverly Jenkins (BM/BW, celebrity chef/Broadway star, 2nd chance, past infidelity, neighbors, public proposal)  Morgan has grown up, and made changes, but Dina needs think hard before giving him a 2nd chance. 2/7/22


19. Dead by Midnight by Beverly Barton (m/f, suspense with romantic elements, 2nd chance) A decade old bit part in a p rn flick makes Lori a target for serial killer. Mike her old beau needs to keep her safe Cw: slut-shaming, murder of sex workers, did i mention the slut-shaming? 2/12/22


20. Dead by Morning by Beverly Barton (wm/ww, suspense with romantic elements, oil/water, toxic parents). A copy-cat serial killer targeting Powell agents. Derek and Maleah race against time to figure out why. cw: murder, gore). 2/16/22


21. Dead by Nightfall by Beverly Barton (wm/ww, suspense with romantic elements)  Griff's secrets haunt his relationship with Nic and a dead man kidnaps her.   Cw: human trafficking, rape, murder, hunting of humans). 2/16/22


22. Danger in Numbers by Heather Graham (wm/ww, suspense with Rom Elem. Both MC are Law Enforcement) FBI/FLDE agents hunt down a cult killing women. Really like Amy & Hunter's dynamic. ( Cw: human trafficking, cults, ritual sacrifice, misogyny, abduction, violence, guns. ) 2/18/22


23. Phantom Evil (biracial Cherokee M/WM,  paranormal investigators, 1st in series, set in New Orleans) ghosts & skeptics, x-files vibes with political intrigue. ( Cw: human trafficking, murder, suicide). 2/19/22


24. Hideaway by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, family saga with Romance, toxic parent, trauma)  I skimmed a lot of this because I didn’t expect 3/4 of the book to be set-up/growing up. Once I settled on it being a slow-roll I enjoyed the characters (Cw: murder, abduction, guns). 2/23/22


25. The Unknown by Heather Graham ( WM/WW, they both see ghosts, PNR RS) unraveling a ten year mystery and stopping a firebug in NOLA. CW: murder, guns, betrayal. 2/25/22


26. Seeing Darkness by Heather Graham (WM/WW, PNR/RS, Salem, serial killer). Kylie’s hypnosis session doesn’t go as planned…she witness a murder!  Jon is the Krewe FBI agent on the hunt, they team up! Cw: murder, guns, knives, child endangerment 2/25/22


27. Bound to Fall by Pamela Clare (WM/WW, detective/pro climber). Jaded and extremely buttoned up,  Darius is disarmed by Sasha’s openness, when he comes to Scarlet to find who tried to kill her.  Cw: guns, violence, betrayal, past trauma: sexual harassment, grief. 2/26/22


28. Deadly Touch by Heather Graham (Native American M/WW, Everglades, PNR/RS) A newly discovered psych gift unravels a decades old series of bodies  dumped in the Everglades. Cw: murder, guns, knives, abduction, betrayal. 2/28/22