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Mini-reviews March 2022

29. The Forbidden by Heather Graham (WM/WW, PNR/RS, ghosts help stop serial killers, actress/detective) A horror movie set becomes a crime scene.  Cw: murder, SA, gore, guns, knives. 3/2/22

30. Heart of Evil by Heather Graham (WM/WW, PNR/RS, plantation-set, serial killer) there are so many sympathetic confederate ghosts in these books…I just…what?? (Murder, abduction, Past: rape, murder, slavery, war). 3/6/22

31. Sacred Evil by Heather Graham (WM/BW, PNR/RS, Jack the Ripper, serial killer).  No confederateghosts!!  But she wrote more than two ripper related books??  Will everyone the team eventually see ghosts…so many flaws but still.  (Cw: murder, rape, gore, violence, suicide) 3/7/22

32. The Evil Inside by Heather Graham (WM/WW, PNR RS) when a gentle boy is framed for murder the team unofficially makes it presence felt uncovering a conspiracy (Cw: bullying, gore, murder.) 3/10/22

33. Crowbones by Anne Bishop (Alt Fantasy) brutal like all Bishop’s books but it felt good to visit the Jumble and Sproing again as they heal and survive another case of trouble & murder. (Cw: murder, gore, abuse, drug-use, abduction). 3/12/22

34. The Unseen by Heather Graham (Native M/WW, serial killer & ghosts, new team)  eh didn’t sink into this one as much the beats are a bit too obvious Cw: murder, SA, human trafficking, drugs, abduction 3/15/22

35. The Unholy by Heather Graham (WM/WW, FBI/special effects Queen) Humphrey Boggart’s ghost is her undead roomie and he constantly quotes his famous lines!  I just what did I read?? Cw: murder, suicide, gore, biphobia. 3/18/22


36. The Unspoken by Heather Graham (Mixed race M/WW) Krewe Crossover, with negative first impressions. A cursed shipwreck and lost Egyptian treasures.  Cw: Murder, gore, betrayal 3/23/22


37. The Uninvited by Heather Graham (WM/WW) Revolutionary spy mystery, uncanny ghostly doppelganger, lies and families secrets uncovered by a historian  brings deaths to the current day (Cw: murder, betrayal, snakes, magic tricks). 3/23/22


38. The Night is Watching  by Heather Graham (WM/WW, ghost-town AZ) Ghost haunted ghost town, tourists & locals looking to unravel the mystery of missing gold cache. (Cw: sympathetic former confederate ghost) 3/23/22


39. The Night is Alive by Heather Graham (WM/WW, haunted savannah tavern) Young women are being kidnapped by pirate wannabe. Cw: rape, kidnapping, murder 3/28/22


40. The Night is Forever by Heather Graham (WM/WW, haunted horse farm)  a rash of unlikely accidents nearly destroy a therapy horse farm before the killer is stopped Cw: murder, kidnapping 3/38/22