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Mini-Reviews 2022: April!

41. The Cursed (wm/ww, Haunted Inn, lost treasure). Set in Key West. Returning Krewe members. Cw: murder, gore, betrayal, human trafficking, drug addiction. 4/2/22

42. The Hexed (WM/WW, serial killings, Salem MA).  Introduces characters I met out of order. Murders are close to home Cw: murder, gore, betrayal 4/2/22

43. The Betrayed (WM/WW, Sleepy Hollow) surprisingly chaste, as the MCs often don’t fight attraction this much! Cw: headless bodies, child in peril, sympathetic confederate ghost  4/2/22

44. The Silenced (WM/WW, DC/Harper's Ferry), presidential hopeful's untimely death, unearths a slew of murders and twisted partnership. Cw: abduction, misogynic murder, and confederate ghosts.)4/7/22

45. The Forgotten (WM/WW, Miami) Medical experiments, zombies and dolphins. CW: murder, kidnapping, sexual harassment. 4/7/22

46. The Hidden (Latino M/WW, Estes Park Co, 2nd chance)  Ghosts, hidden gold and a serial killer killing descendants of a murdered couple. Cw: guns, murder, gore, and yet another former confederate ghost!!) 4/7/22

47. The Stalking (biracial M/WW, Louisiana, serial killer) like the suspicion between the mc’s but twist was eh. Cw: sympathetic confederate ghosts 4/19/22

48. Haunted Destiny (WM/WW, cruise ship, serial killer). I actually loved this one! Lots of ghosts, some helpful and sons not!  Haunted cruise ship/ great mix of supporting characters 4/19/22

49. Deadly Fate (WM/WW, reality tv, gore). A few too many elements in common with Haunted Destiny but I loved the Alaskan location. 4/19/22

Didn’t bother with the third in this boxed set: Darkest Journey based on the blurb. (Ha…see 57…I ended up reading it anyway)

50, 51, 52. Krewe of Hunters Vol 7 by Heather Graham. Trilogy with the same leads in Dying Breaths, Dark Rites & Wicked Deeds.  Really enjoyed sticking with the same MCs for 3 books and guest Krewe cameos. And Edgar Allan Poe as ghost was well done. 4/19/22

53,54 & 55. Krewe of Hunters Vol 8  by Heather Graham (M/F, white Mc’s, trio of PI brothers. 2 set in LA and 1 in Key West.  Only one sympathetic former confederate ghost!  Serial killers, stalkers, greedy people—. 4/24/22

56. The Summoning by Heather Graham (WM/WW, Savannah-set) Cw: murder, kidnapping, drugs, YET ANOTHER Sympathetic Confederate ghost...sigh 4/28/22

57. Darkest Journey by Heather Graham (mixed race M/WW, haunted paddle boat). My completionist tendencies got me (Cw: good men/sympathetic confederate ghosts). 4/30/22. Jokes on me…read it anyway.