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Mini Reviews 2022: June

76. Always Time to Die by Elizabeth Lowell (NM-set, WM/WW, RS) Incest, rape, casual racism and slut-shaming run rampant through this tangled story of an family historian & genealogist who newest job makes her a target of a murderer intent in keeping family secrets quiet. 6/4/22

77. Northern Lights by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, RS, Alaska, bush pilot/ depressed chief of police)  Missing kids, a cooooold murder case and small town, city boy in the small Alaskan town. Loved it. (Cw: murder, suicidal ideation, guns, gore, dead dog) 6/7/22

78. The Obsession by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, serial killer stalker, house renovations) a review I read critiqued  just how much house renovations is part of this book but I loved it. From her awesome gay uncles to her rock mechanic. (Cw: murder, abuse, suicide, rape, abduction) 6/10/22

79. Murder Takes the High Road by Josh Landon (WM/WM, mystery rom, librarian, fandom)  secrets, jealously, bad blood and other intrigues on a Literary Bus Tour Hijinks. Cw: murder, guns. 6/13/22

80. Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, RomSus, false accusations, family secrets). I really love this mini-genre of sadman with lots of baggage gets bulldozed by quirky woman in this case with bossy post-it notes, (Cw: murder, family secrets, past trauma: rape, stalking). 6/15/22

81. Under Currents by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, Abuse, IPViolence, Stalking)  I only had the audio for this and some of the sections were so hard to listen to.  Did love Darby/Zane and the whole family HEAs. Cw: murder, abuse, stalking, harassment, children in peril, guns… 6/18/22